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Metro Carpet: If your carpet needs a deep cleaning power scrub for heavily soiled carpets, it is free of charge. 

Competition:  Most competitors charge for this service, costing $75 and up.  A lot of times they will say you need this service when you probably don't to make the extra money.  You will save a lot of money and headache by going with us.


Metro Carpet: We do not use bait and switch gimmicks or hidden fees.  If you call us about our services or to set up an appointment for carpet cleaning we can tell you what the price is over the phone.  You will already know what you are paying before we get to your home.  We can do this because we charge by the room instead of square footage and that eliminates a lot of problems.  That's why for 95% of jobs we can give you the price over the phone or by email.  

Competition:  Most competitors won't tell you what the price is over the phone or only give you a ballpark figure because they do won't tell you what they plan on charging you because they figure they might lose the customer.  So they would rather come to your house and say you need specific chemicals, power scrubs, deodorizers, and so on, then your price goes from $75 for five rooms to $300 or $400 or more if you are willing to pay it.  It happens every day in the carpet cleaning industry, unfortunately, and I hear about it from customers of other companies all the time.

Metro Carpet:  We give you the best bang for your buck.  You receive quality service and great prices with us.  We have the best true upfront prices around.  If you ever have a problem with the job performed or any issues give us a call, and we try to handle the problem in a timely matter.  If we have to come back out to satisfy the customer that is what we will do.

Competition:  A lot of competitors will tell you a low price just to get into your home.  Then hit you with the real price after arrival which is usually much higher than was quoted over the phone.  We can't judge the quality of competitors work, but we do know that we do quality work at a great price.  If you were to have a concern, we would handle it immediately instead of trying to dodge your calls or be rude to you.  

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